Improving Content to Get Instagram Automatic Views

News 01:05 May 2024:

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Content is important when posting a video or even a photo. Instagram automatic views could get you views but if your followers are to add-on to the views you need to be able to post videos that are worth the attention and time they will spend watching it. You can do this by pre-editing the video. You could take the video using your phone or other device instead of taking the video directly on instagram. This way, you will be able to edit the video outside instagram.
Taking a quality video using a good camera is the best option. You then edit the video to further improve its quality and to remove any parts that you do not want. You could easily do this on a computer. Next, you transfer the video onto your phone and post it on instagram. The quality of the video will be perfect and any parts of the video that you do not want people to see will be removed. Buying Instagram automatic views to increase the number of views will work as your video will be interesting.

With the world quickly turning digital, there are services, that have emerged to give the social media accounts additional services to their presence online. These services are meant to put these accounts at a better placed compared to a standard account. For instance, autolikes is one such service.¬† When one posts a picture, link or content, this service will give it many likes which will make it unique and be popular.¬† However good and perfect this sounds there will be an eyebrow raised about many likes achieved and this might affect one’s reputation negatively. Will briefly discuss four disadvantages of engaging an auto likes company to promote¬† a social media account!

1.There are only visual likes

With the increase in likes of one’s post, it might show that many people appreciate and recognize your brand. Even to yourself, you will know that its a lie because not all these likes are converted to sales. More reason because they are machine generated likes and not done by genuine people and followers. This, in turn, will be discouraging to the account user because once reputation is high on the social media platform, but there is no tangible gain in all that.


  1. Reputation damaging

As mentioned above with the world going digital at a very alarming rate, there is a possibility of people having knowledge about the fake likes services and application. Say for instance that people know your company and brand very well, and all of a sudden your presence on the social media had increased overnight they will quickly point out that you have engaged an autolikes service. This will not only damage your reputation that you are struggling to build, but it will also lose your clients because no one wants to associate with a fake person.


  1. Possibility of account closure

Some social media platforms like Facebook have strict policies on the use of such services to increase ones account presence online. They regard that illegal! Once you have been discovered that you are a fraud, and not a legitimate account holder because you are engaging such services to earn you some credit, you will be reported and eventually have your account blocked. The hustle and hard work involved in having to start set up a new account, setting it out and advertising it to a target market is a lot. Having done all these calculations, one will opt to stick to the traditional ways of getting more likes instead of using these services.


  1. Spam account alert

With the engagement of such services, your account will start acting like a spammer, posting of content and pictures to groups, to friends wall without your knowledge. This will not be taken lightly by other users for who wants their wall crowded by other people’s content without your permission? They will, in turn, unfollow you or have you reported to the management. As mentioned above this will risk your account closure losing all the work put in to get your account up to a running.

However attractive the use of these services sounds and looks, one has to be careful with the negative possibilities are as high and more damaging to once presence, this will in turn ruin your company and brand.